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For over fifty years, a family owned and operated restaurant occupied the building now known as 108 Budleigh.  The  family lived upstairs and Walkers' Diner was downstairs.  A gathering place for locals and visitors alike, it offered excellent food and lively conversation.  Where the staircase is now once sat the "round table"  where talk usually drifted to the political issues of the day.  When the buildings in the town adopted the Elizabethean style, the restaurant was renamed the Duchess of Dare.

In 2000, the Fearing Realty, LLC, managed by Malcolm & Susan Fearing, purchased the property and began renovations.  Incorporating repurposed items such as a hood from the Carolinian Hotel, antique light fixtures, stain glass windows from a Church in Virginia,  door knobs salvaged from a hotel in New York and a wrought iron fence that was rebuilt for the balcony railings, the venue opened for its first event June 15, 2001.